Tis The Season

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone got to enjoy the day. I spent mine hugging the two new baby llamas and getting “nibble” kisses from the older ones.

Still available at the market:

PRODUCE: Last gasp of cauliflower ($1.75/lb) and broccoli ($1.50/lb.), huge cabbages (8-lbers, $2.50), Covington sweet potatoes ($.80/b) (probably enough to last until Christmas), sweet siberian kale ($3/BAG), carrots ($1.25/bunch), and turnips (make me an offer).

PASTA NOODLES: Tumeric and tomato basil ($2.75/bag), plain ($2.25/bag)

TURKEYS: Have a few non-heirloom ($2.25/lb) in the freezer and more will be available at the end of next week. Chicken ($2/lb) should be available as well, after next week.

SOUP (from the freezer): Chicken Vegetable Noodle, Turkey Vegetable Noodle. (Both $4.50/quart)

Sweets: Fudge — chocolate, peanut butter, peanut butter walnut (by the piece, by the quarter pound, or pound — $8/lb)

Guess that sums up the availability for the week of November 28th.


Turkeys — Still Have Some….


Just a reminder to those who are contemplating turkeys and for those of you “new” to this site — we have a few heirlooms left, as well as 6 “non-heirloom” turkeys. We celebrated Thanksgiving last night — couldn’t wait — and I can now speak from personal experience that the turkeys this year have a really great flavor. Mine turned out exceptionally moist as well.

Vegetables, while it is the end of the season, which we are trying to be in denial over, the market still has lovely broccoli, cauliflower, and awesome sweet potatoes — so sweet, that it would be a waste to make them into candied yams. Truly.