Visions of Truffles…

Yes, I know you’re still expecting sugar plums, but the truffles are EXQUISITE to say the least!! There are almond and hazelnut and raspberry, to name just a few. Hope you’ll come down to the market, if for no other reason than for “just a taste” of heaven.

Unfortunately, with the exception of those lovely Covington sweet potatoes, the produce season has come to an end.

However, there are still succulent chicken (betcha didn’t know that free-range chickens could be succulent) and heirloom turkeys. What are you WAITING for??!!??

Gift baskets, endless possibilities. Pasta,Christmas,Oregano, Basil, Tumeric, freshly made. Apple basket that “could” include apple nut bread, apple butter and at least 6 different varieties of apples. Guess I’ve forgotten to mention all the sweet jams and jellies ready to be put into gift baskets –blackberry, strawberry, grape, and peach and, possibly sugar-free, but very tasty apple, peach, and possibly grape. You “might” even grace someone with a “truffles” basket.

Safe journey through your week, each and everyone of you.



And Visions of…Apples!!

Yes, I know you were expecting sugarplums, but how can you beat crisp apples just down from the mountains!! This week’s vision of apples include: Rome, Staymen, Grannysmith, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious. All, with the exception of Staymen, are $1.10/lb. Staymen are $1.25/lb. There is the possibility of Fuji or Nitney later in the week. Stay tuned.

While sugarplums are out, chocolate fudge with/without walnuts is available at $4/1-2 lb., peanut brittle, $2-1/2 lb..

Last, but certainly not least, if you find yourself short on inspiration on what to serve these chilly evenings, this week’s offerings of soup/stew “to go” include: chili ($5/qt.), brunswick stew ($6/qt.), turkey vegetable ($4.50/qt.) and chicken and dumplings ($4.75/qt.). We also have homemade dinner rolls to go with the soup, sourdough, wheat and white ($3), fluffy white, also $3 and potato ($2.75).

Hope to see you at the market.


P.S. I stil have Covington sweet potatoes for $.80/lb. Thus far, they are the sweetest of the sweet potatoes I have tried.

A Season to Celebrate

I have been thinking since August, yes, August, about what people might like to see at the market during the Christmas season. Even my dreams have sometimes been influenced by my thoughts of the season. That being said, and after consulting my collective of bakers, they are prepared to make rum cake, both miniature and full-size, Wild Turkey cake (the receipe a favorite from my cousin in Troy, Alabama, “thank you” Becca), fruitcake IF someone special orders, angel food cakes, pound cakes and a host of cookies, peanut brittle, and fudge. Pies will continue to be a Saturday staple.

Gift Baskets — we would be happy to make up specialty baskets of jams and jellies, or a mix of jams, jellies and sweets. Let us know your thoughts.

Now, on to more mundane things — like chicken, freshly processed chicken, $2/lb. for the next couple of weeks, average weight, 5 lbs. Turkeys, not many, but a few stil available from the freezer @ $2.25/lb.

Alas, this truly is THE LAST GASP of things leafy and green (perhaps with the “maybe” exception of Siberian kale, mixed greens and turnips). Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots have all been put to bed — until next season. There should be a few more apples available after Wednesday of this week. The apple menu includes: Rome, Staymen, and possibly some Grannysmith. The market plans to continue its practice of being an “in-season” only market. It is a challenge, to be sure, but it can be done — just seems to take more planning on everyone’s part.

Hope to see you all at the market.