It’s A Brand New Year….

And I wish for us all good health and happy endings!!

We have already begun to plan spring/summer offerings. Yes, heirloom tomatoes will be coming back again. How could we not include them!! Included in our “wish list for spring” is a host of beautiful bell peppers — white, lavender, dark purple, lime, and tequila sunrise (a gorgeous sunrise color of raspberry sherbert, streaked with pale orange). Let the market know if there is something you have your heart set on to appear at the market.

“Trufflemania” continues!! Our designer of “All Things Truffles” has outdone herself. Thanks to her, there are blackberry, cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, hazelnut, almond, raspberry, peppermint, and coconut truffles. If you are a purist, there are also plain chocolate truffles. As I key, our truffle artisan is in her “laboratory” designing more new flavors to tempt us all with. For those of you who are determined to keep to that resolution of not straying from your diet, I applaud your resolve. That just means more truffles for the rest of us!! That said, if you have the slightest twinge of guilt over your desire to indulge in chocolate, know that you can buy as few — or as many — as you desire. $2 for 1/4 lb. (6-8).
For those of you able to keep to your resolve (I’ve given up making resolutions) there ARE still lovely apples and sweet potatoes. Those, too, will be but a memory in a few weeks. That said, our apple offerings are as follows: golden delicious, grannysmith, rome, red delicious, and fuji. They are all $1/lb.

Last but not least, next week there will be a “new” page added to this site. It will include ALL market offerings and prices.

Safe Journey Through Your Week, “C”