Another Week of Heat and yet….

…we survived….and miracles upon miracles…so did a lot of produce!! No change in the prices of mainstays, so I won’t bore you with those. We do have a few “new” offerings which I will mention below.

Golden Rave Roma Tomatoes (incredibly sweet, yellow Romas, equally great in salsa or just as a sweet, healthy treat): $1.75/lb.

Grape Tomatoes, Red and Yellow Pear Tomatoes: $2/sm. carton

Sweet Summer Acorn Squash: $1.50/lb.

Colorful Bell Peppers (black, purple, cream…), small: 6/$1

The jury is out at the moment on a variety of small pumpkin and a petite yellow gourd. Even the Amish aren’t sure if they are edible or ornamental!! So, to the first four people inquiring, one of each to experiment with!!

Corn should be back next weekend. Green beans, very small lots, keep appearing, as well as eggplant. Newly dug potatoes (Thank YOU, Dennis and Jane, my neighbors). Well, guess that’s all for now.



Usually Everyone Has Way Too Much Yellow Squash and Zuchinni….

HOWEVER, this year’s abundant crop is…tomatoes!! The market at present has “some” canning tomatoes, but on Wednesday of the upcoming week, there will be LOTS of tomatoes to be had for canning at $14/25 lb. box. If I had time, I would take some to can myself!! Along with tomatoes, we have had/still have:

Corn, 3 ears/$1.00 (at present, only bicolor)
Regular & Heirloom Tomatoes, $1.35/lb.
Eggplant, $1.35/lb.
Green Beans, $1.50/lb. (more coming in Tuesday)
New Potatoes, $1.50/lb.
Bell Peppers, 2/$1.00
Grape and Pear Tomatoes, $2.15/basket
Onions, $1.50/lb.
Purple Hulled Peas, $1.75/lb.
Seedless (small), $3.25
Seeded (medium), $5.00

Butter, $3.50 lb., salted, $4.00/lb., unsalted
Local Honey, $4.50/lb.
Country Eggs, $2/doz., $3/18-pack

Last, but most certainly not least, a very special “THANK YOU” to the market elves who have helped me “do stuff” in the last month, Allyn, Hoke, Liz, and Richard. The market has a “spring in its step” thanks to you!!


P.S. Know it is sometimes hard to know when to catch me at the market. I have a new cell phone battery now and it shouldn’t be a problem any more. Feel free to call me at 434-321-3674.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air…Well, Almost

Yes, it’s only July, but my oh my. Hopefully, we have turned the page on this “chapter of heat” and the thunderboomers will commence this evening, ushering in cooler air. I laugh when I realize I consider the “80’s” cool at this point in time. We have survived — how awesome is that!! Alas, a lot of gardens have not, which brings me to share with you what the market does have at the moment…

Tomatoes,all shades and hues, heirloom and your garden varieties…$1.35/lb. Yellow Squash & Zuchinni…$1.35/lb.
Bell Peppers…2/$1
Cucumbers, lg. 2/$1, sm. 6/$1
Sweet Bicolor Corn…3/$1
Lima Beans (unshelled)…$2/lb.
Purple Hulled Peas…$1.75/lb.
Green Beans…$1.75/lb.
Sweet Candy Onions…$1.50/lb.
New Potatoes…$1.50/lb.
Country Eggs…$2/doz., $3/1-1/2 doz.

Lou, our incredible chocolate truffle maker, has turned her talents to ciobatta bread of multiple persuasions. They are delightful, just like her truffles. The Bakery in Farmville has added chocolate croissants and multigrain bread to our already ample offerings.

Watermelon and canteloupes will, in the next couple of weeks, cover the long wooden table that for so long held spring and summer vegetable plants.

Looking forward to seeing you,