Exceptional Offerings The Weekend Before Christmas

Market SPECIALS, this weekend ONLY:

Fresh Oysters, plump medium size select
Pints, $10
Quarts, $18


by the dozen, $4.75

two dozen, $9.00

half bushel, $40.00

Chili, Beef w/beans, $6/Quart,always welcome on a cold day,


SHRIMP Chili with a pop of heat, $8/Quart (definitely the originator was thinking out of the box, because having tasted it once already, am almost wishing for some to still be left over at the market for me to take home!!)

AND the distinct possibility of….truffles making a limited return, at least Black Forest and Bourbon!!

* * * *

Regular Seasonal Offerings, not nearly as exciting, but still very tasty:

Red Delicious, $1.25/lb.
Rome, $1.50/lb.
Fuji, $1.50/lb.
Stayman, $1.75/lb.
Grannysmith, $1.25/lb.

Butternut Squash, $1.50/lb.

Cabbage, $1.50/head

Collards, $1.50/lb.

Freshly pickled with “a pop” cauliflower and broccoli by the quart, $7

Last, but not least….

fresh sourdough breads, $3.50

rolls, $3

cinnamon raisin rolls, $3.50

Donuts, $1.25/pk.

Lemon Filled

Cherry Creme

Pies, $2.75 (sm.), $5.50 (lg.)

Chocolate Chess



and last but not least, gingerbread apple upside down cake and bannana nut bread ($3.75/ea.) .

Wishing you a Christmas that is woven with love, hope, joy, and peace that wrap around you and yours that carry you all the way through this year and next.