“If” You’re Leaning Towards Eating Healthy, then…

…the market is the place to come this weekend!! Greens, greens, and more green — Siberian kale, curly kale, broccoli. Also on the “Good Eats/Healthy Treats” menu are tomatoes and carrots — compliments of one of the members of the Community up around Charlotte Courthouse who, this year, is continuing the growing season in her greenhouse. Cauliflower — two weeks longer and then it’s gone. Sweet potatoes, now only a fond, incredibly sweet memory.

I passed a message board in Clarksville this week that caught my eye. It said “make changes, not resolutions” — it struck a chord with me. On that note, and in keeping with the green, healthier theme, and because I “aim” to procrastinate less this coming year, New Year’s Day I made the southern spanakopita dish I described in Market News some weeks ago. I “had” collards at the market, with emphasis on the “past tense” and rather than have them languish at the market, I took my own message to heart and made the recipe I had posted. WOW!! I may experiment this weekend to see if kale will work as well (I suspect it will, especially the curly kale). The freshness of the collards and the hint of tang from the goat cheese…sheer bliss, add in the “good for you” factor — it’s a win/win!!

Apples, we all waited for good apples to make an appearance this past season, and I personally feared it would not happen. However, the last batch that I got in truly fit the bill, and as always, they are Virginia grown. They won’t be around much longer. $1/lb. they are.

If, per chance, you’re still pining after fresh bread and sweets, and you need a rationalization for giving into temptation, just remember that all breads and desserts at the market are made with ingredients you can pronounce and they contain NO preservatives.

Coming attractions next week: whispers of spinach being a possibility, not in huge quantities, but “some” and one last limited edition of collards have also been hinted at. There should be freshly processed free-range chickens as well. Oysters are another possibility, if not next week, the week after, which is the 19th. If I can only get the oysters around the 19th, I will let you all know, and arrangements can be made for pickup. I’m hoping for the weekend of the 26th.

Please note Saturday market days for January listed below. For the winter months, I am dispensing with Sunday hours. There will still be special order pickups on Mondays for the months of January and February. Saturday hours will be 10 til dusk, weather permitting. If you are in doubt of the market being open on any given Saturday, please feel free to call me at 434-321-3674.

January 5th

January 12th

January 26th

Hope to see you this weekend!!