Maybe Not Quite Time to Plant, but….

…time to start thinking about it. The market always has a variety of seedlings for eager gardeners to try their hand at. Some years, that translates to a “bare cupboard” for the market at the end of planting season, a good thing, and sometimes, lots and lots and LOTS of leftovers. The leftovers, no matter how “sad” they end up looking, because the tiny packs they live in can only sustain them for so long, seem, for the most part, to eventually find homes with eternal optimists.

The market goal for this season — NO LEFTOVERS!! The reality is that the goal of “no leftovers” can only be accomplished IF the market has varieties that fill both seasoned and new gardeners with anticipation and chomping at the bit to get out there and plant. On that note, while there still is a narrow window of time, let me know what your dream seed catalog would look like. Remember, the beginning of planting season is only a mere three weeks away!! I won’t make any wild promises, but I will do my best to accommodate.