Okay, Spring is Sprung, sort of…

..and hopefully you know where the plants are and I like to think your first thought is….”yes, at the market!!” Truth to tell, Mother Nature is making it difficult to even feel inspired to get out those garden tools, yesterday morning being a good example — fluffy snowflakes to start, falling softly on the bright yellow forsythia blossoms, and then bright sunshine, with more of the same forecast for this weekend, just in reverse order. That said, the good news is that the plants at the market are hardened off. Among the hardy plants just waiting at the market to be tucked into a garden are: bok choi, broccoli, cabbage, candy onions (medium, sweet yellow when mature), cauliflower, green loose leaf lettuce, mustard greens, onion sets, red, white,yellow, and seed potatoes, white, yukon gold, and red. Vegetable 4-paks are $1.25. Flats of plants (feel free to mix and match what you put in a flat) are $13. Strawberry plants can be had, but not at the yard sale price of last year. If you REALLY want some, I am told that a flat of 18 plants can be had for $11.25. I am willing to sell them at cost, but you do have to pre-order.

Next weekend, there “should” be curly and siberian kale plants, more varieties of lettuce, and swiss chard. So many choices, so many plants!! The silver lining of spring being so slow to arrive is that it translates to a longer window of time to plant in. I will be open this Saturday, 03/23 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Hope to see you there!!