This is probably the “one and only” cranky market “news” letter you will ever receive. Recently, as most of you know, I have had an adventure with Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. I was “foolish” enough to be at the market periodically. During that time, I noticed that the “faithful” visited the market, even though I knew that most of them did NOT have internet access. So, on that note, sorry y’all who read the “blog” but don’t frequent the market, you have missed out on wonderful stuff. You have missed out on new potatoes, awesome Apache blackberries, triple the size of normal blackberries and twice as tasty, mouth watering bi-color corn, and awesome heirloom tomatoes to die for, to say nothing of the Caramel frosted pumpkin rolls. All I can say is…your loss, the faithful group…their gain!!! I shall be silent for a while because why bother if you aren’t going “to bother” to show up. Those that do show up KNOW what jewels there are to gather.

Safe journey through this month, all of you.