YES!! There WILL Be Sweet Potatoes This Year!!!!! In Fact…

….they are being delivered TODAY. There was considerable angst when the news came to me, rather late in the game, that there had been a sweet potato blight that decimated a goodly number of local producers’ sweet potato crops. If you heard an “odd” wailing sound intruding rather rudely on your daily meditation several weeks ago, that was me, myself, and I. Through all the rain and warm of the summer, when this crop or that crop fell momentarily by the wayside, my mantra was “well, the sweet potatoes will be here this fall, just wait for the sweet potatoes, those dependable, hardy sweet potatoes.” I was stunned to hear that the blight had moved quietly through, taking few prisoners, but SO relieved to hear over the weekend that the blight wasn’t a total success and overlooked some. We have had Covington (sweeter than Beauregard) and Evangeline (seemingly almost twice as sweet as Covington) the last two years. This year, Evangeline sweet potatoes will be the only ones making an appearance, but they are the best of the best, which translates to “it doesn’t matter!”. Sweet potatoes can be had by the pound, quarter bushel, half bushel, or for those who just can’t get enough, by the whole bushel.

Kale and collards will be making their appearances in about two weeks. I have some really tasty and different recipes to share this year that make these greens shine — one or two that are so well disguised that your family members who normally turn up their noses at “southern” greens won’t realize that they have been deceived — or if it does dawn on them, they won’t care!!

Since Katie Fisher married and moved to Illinois in August, the market has been without a baker of pies. Kathryn Kanagy has graciously agreed to do pies and this past weekend was her pie debut. Her pies are awesome!! I had despaired of finding someone to take Katie’s place and happened to be in Kathryn’s kitchen several weeks ago, serendipitously right after she had baked a variety of pies for her own family. She offered me a slice of her French rhubarb pie and it was so good I just about inhaled it and I don’t even LIKE rhubarb!! Now I am in search of more rhubarb for her. I have become a fan.

I know Thanksgiving seems far, far away, but it’s amazing how quickly the time zooms by. That said, I will be offering turkeys again this year. Last year, the birds were a tad too early — I have been assured that this year they will be delivered, ready to go in the oven, close to Thanksgiving. I need to know SOON (this week if possible) whether or not you would like a turkey and a “general” weight.

Well, I just looked at the time and see that it HAS flown — need to go off to the market so I will be there to take delivery of those sweet potatoes!!



Whispers of Fall

Fall, almost officially here, it is. It’s apple season and hopefully sweet potatoes won’t be far behind. The apples are crisp, some of the growers impatient, picking a tad too early, most though, picking when the time is “just right” — instead of rushing, ignoring the clamor of voices wishing for apples, apples not yet ready, a tad bit before their time. At this point in time, the market is the recipient of both kinds of apples — those ready to enjoy the spotlight and those picked a bit before they should have been. I tried a golden delicious the other day — crisp, almost mellow in taste and it brought a smile. I tried a stayman and realized why it is “supposed” to be a winter apple — because it is!! T’was picked far too early and those who choose it shall have to be content with using it to bake with.

At present, the market has honey crisp, stayman, gala, red delicious, and golden delicious. More apples to follow — in their time.

Sweet potatoes are somewhat up in the air this year. The last couple of seasons we have enjoyed exquisite Evangeline and not-quite-as-sweet Covingtons, but sweet enough to be sure. The rain this year brought blight. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will learn a positive fate of this year’s crop.

This weekend — the LAST one, truly really, for heirloom tomatoes. Yes, very sad indeed, but hey, it’s almost October!!

All of the above said, the market this weekend will be offering:

Apples, $1.50/lb. — picked this week — doesn’t get any fresher

Cucumbers, 2/$1 (large) 3/$1 (small)

Green Beans, picked Thursday, $1.50/lb.

Peppers, Bell, 2/$1, regardless of whether they are green, yellow, or red, or for that matter purple

Hot Peppers, habanero, jalapeno, mariachi, $2/pt., by the handful, make me an offer

Assorted pumpkins, assorted prices

Squash, Yellow and Zucchini, Butternut, $1.35/lb.

Squash, Blue Hubbard, by the piece

Squash, Butternut, $1.25/lb.

Tomatoes, heirloom $1.25/lb. (Cherokee purple and pineapple)

Tomatoes, heirloom, Mountain Fresh, $1/lb.

Tomatoes, Hungarian Pear, $1.35/lb.

In addition, the usual pasta, cookies, breads, and rolls will be offered.

Have an awesome weekend.