An old brick schoolhouse overlooks our market, tucked in the ancient oaks and maples at the edge of the tiny town of Green Bay, Virginia. Our vision is to bring fresh, healthy food to you year round. We also feel very strongly about helping the local craftspeople of our area, from the Amish basket weavers, bakers and seamstresses to area artists such as woodworkers and others. Eventually we’d like to see the stately old schoolhouse transformed into an arts and cultural expressions center for the local community.

We see all sorts of workshops being held and exhibits of our talented local artisans This is our fourth year and we’ve come a long way from two chairs, a table and a small storage trailer that first season. We are always open to suggestions or, for that matter, constructive criticism.

We want the market to be a win-win for everyone!! During the summer, all of our food is locally grown. Our producers, Andy Montague of Buffalo Junction and Tommy & Cody Schmidt of Rice, as well as Adam & Darby Jewell of Green Bay, bless us with their beautiful fresh produce. We can also thank many Amish families, too, for sharing their abundance with us. Our latest addition has been gourmet breads from a baker in Charlottesville. We have everything from bell peppers of every hue (including lavender) to pickling cucumbers, a wide variety of tomatoes (some heirloom), as well as local blueberries, peaches, cantalopes, and watermelons will be available.

During the summer, if it’s not local, we don’t carry it. I’ve been asked for melons in October and corn in November. I just smile and tell folks that SOMEWHERE locally in the U.S. what they’re asking for is being grown, but unfortunately not here. It’s still an educational journey for a lot of folks. We hope to help you along your journey of the discovery of fresh, locally grown food!

~ Carolyn Patterson


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