Bev Hill’s Chicken Soup-Stew

I’d roasted a 5 # pastured chicken with 4 or 5 sweet potatoes and white potatoes. I’d intended to make chicken soup with the remaining chicken and potatoes, but I kept on creating. You can make the roast chicken dinner, then make soup, or start from scratch with chicken, sweet potatoes and white ones. You may have to adjust liquid amounts. I don’t measure when I cook, just throw stuff in a pot so all measurements aren’t really critical.

Add approx. 1qt of water
Roughly chop 4-5 Covington sweet potatoes and add.

Add spices: (+)

1 TBS Tarragon
½ – 1 TBS Garlic (powdered) (+)
1 tsp Rosemary, powdered
Simmer until potatoes are almost done
Add ¼ bottle Merlot wine. (+)
Continue simmering -to remove alcohol- until potatoes are well done.
Add another Qt of water and 8 oz of egg noodles (can substitute elbow macaroni, I guess!)
Cook till noodles are done.

Say YUM!


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