Yes!! Spring Officially Here!! Ignore Tuesday’s Forecast!!

Well, okay, don’t ignore it, but enjoy tomorrow’s “tease” of warmer weather. Spring is officially here. The daffodils are blooming, robins are everywhere, and the spring peepers are most vocal.

The market staggered along through the winter doldrums. “I” staggered through them as well, saying “good bye” to both my van and truck — victims of “too much market.” For the brave of heart, there were plump oysters and “just right” sausage to be had. There were sweet potatoes all the way through January.

Tomorrow, if you should venture out into the sunshine beyond your front porch steps or your yard, there will be a smattering of bison, some sausage, and the usual great breads, cookies, and rolls, along with Amish spinach pasta, and possibly some really nice soft pretzels. Fresh greens are a few weeks away.

I know, for most of you, the ground is still too soggy to think about early spring planting. However, you might want to put a few fresh lettuce plants in your kitchen window or perhaps some swiss chard. Other market packs available for those determined to put “something” into the ground — Siberian kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and several varieties of cabbage. Market packs are $1.50/each. A whole flat of “whatever” is $12.

Hope to see you, if not tomorrow, soon.